Park Ridge Country Club – Caddie Program

Park Ridge Country Club – Caddie Program

The caddie program at Park Ridge Country Club is seasonal, locally based, and provides an opportunity for enterprising individuals to provide a service directly to the members of our Club and/or- their spouse, and their guests. Caddies are a strong tradition of the game of golf and greatly enhance the overall golf experience of the members and their guests. This is a great opportunity for young men and women of the surrounding communities to earn money working for themselves and learning skills which can lead to greater success in life. The program will provide excellent college scholarship opportunities along with mentorship and role model opportunities for members to caddies. In summary, the program makes a positive impact on the surrounding communities and is a fantastic summer earning opportunity for local young men and women.

Registration Period: February 3 through March 1

Caddie Orientation: Persons who express an interest in the opportunity to caddie at Park Ridge Country Club will be contacted to attend one of two orientation sessions held at the Club. Dates and times are listed below. Those selected to move forward to the next steps and attend orientation will be communicated via email once the registration period has ended. Attendance at an orientation session is required to ensure that each caddie has a familiarity with our course and the procedures under which they will be able to work for themselves at our facility.

Caddie Training: Multiple additional training sessions will be offered that help you learn how to become a successful caddie. A combination of the caddie manager, professional golf staff, members at the Club, and experienced caddies will facilitate the training sessions. Some training sessions will feature large groups going on the course, while others feature one trainee working with a caddie trainer. Additional training in a classroom environment will proceed all on-course training. Training classes will start at the beginning of April and will take place after school during the week and select weekend dates. These sessions are not required but strongly encouraged for anyone who wishes to be successful in maximizing their growth and earning potential.

Age Range: 14-17 years of age.

How to register: CLICK HERE to fill out your PRCC Caddie Registration Form.
If you have further questions please contact the Caddie Manager at [email protected]